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The Retired Members Association Standard
To the right you will see the LFB RMA standard which is carried by our standard bearers.
When George Perren was the General Secretary of the Association in the mid 1990s it was agreed by the Committee that the LFB RMA should have it’s own Standard. In September 1995 this was acheived and the LFM RMA Standard was duly dedicated at St. Giles Church in the Barbican Lonodon.

Since then it has been paraded at many events throughout the UK and abroad. The LFB RMA Standard is also very proudly carried when attending funerals of former Firefighters following a request from a Branch Secretary via the relatives of a member or non-member of the LFB RMA. This has now become a a very poinant part of remembering a comrade who has served in the London Fire Brigade and families find this show of rememberance very comforting.

When the number of occasions where the Standard was requested began to escalate it was decided that a second LFB RMA Standard would need to be purchased. This was done and was later dedicated at the Firefighters Memorial by St. Paul’s Catherderal in London, and David Bradbury became the deputy LFB RMA Standard Bearer.

The LFB RMA Standard is annually paraded at Fireman's Corner, Highgate Cemetery in June, the Firefighters Memorial (by St.Paul's Cathedral) in September, the National Memorial Arboretum, the November Remembrance Parade (in the City of Sunderland) and at the Armistice Parade at the Menin Gate,Ypres in Belgium.  
Norman Paulding LVP
LFB RMA Standard Bearer
Ron Dobson CBE
Commissioner LFB

Martin Coffey OBE

General Secretary
Barry Sargent MBE

Membership Sec.
Jim Geoghegan

Mrs E Stocker